Ditch Cable Challenge

Ditch Cable Challenge Kickoff PostWhat is it?

I challenged readers of blogs across the country to do one simple thing…

Cancel your cable TV for one month

Sounds easy enough, but most of us have been trained by the cable company to pay them outrageous amounts of money every month.

Plus, we have to watch Gossip Girl or else our lives will be over.

Getting Started

Bloggers from around the US banded together to help our readers see the light. We offered our stories and advice to help you ditch cable and never look back – even if you’re a TV junkie.

Our community of readers joined us and shared even more great stories, plus some tips we never thought of. Nothing beats a group to keep you motivated. There’s a reason group workout classes like Bikram and Crossfit are so popular – they work!

This has been a truly wonderful experience for me. I hope the Ditch Cable Challenge has changed your life in some small way.